The immuno-oncology drug development pipeline: the next wave

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Published Date: 23/05/2018
Category: Drug Discovery & Development


Immuno-oncology (IO) in the context of this report encompasses drug candidates which, either alone or in combination, act primarily through modulation of tumour immunity to restore or enhance an effective host immune response. This report sample is provided for the purpose of review and may be freely distributed provided authorship is acknowledged

Further Details

Author: Alex Yule

  • The focus is  industrially-funded IO drug development beyond the current  “first wave” of immune checkpoint inhibitors (anti-CTLA-4, anti-PD-1 and anti-PD-L1), particularly drug development targets that might expand the scope for combination therapy, or  offer routes to novel classes of cancer therapies.  
  • The classification of  IO drug targets detailed in this report: (“TME immunosuppression”; “negative checkpoint”, and “stimulatory checkpoint”) is for convenience of presentation. A number of targets are involved in both adaptive and innate immunity and/or TME immunosuppression .  
  • “Developer(s)/licensor or originator” partnerships indicate that a commercial arrangement (and not simply a research collaboration) has been disclosed or that the asset or originator has been acquired outright by the current developer. Listed clinical studies are those of direct relevance to IO drug development status and are not a comprehensive record of current or past clinical studies.  
  • Company information (including SEC filings and investment analyst reports); Clinical trial databases; ASCO, AACR, SITC, EORTC and other major conference proceedings or communications  placed in the public domain;  Patent filings and Peer-reviewed literature.

The complete commercial report references 60+ IO drug development targets and 150+ companies. The report   is supplied as a PowerPoint® presentation and in PDF and will be updated immediately before supply. This sample report  was updated 16th May 2018 and references selected ASCO 2018 abstracts made available prior to conference. For more information contact