Pharmavision White Papers

White paper: Biomarkers: Predicting risk & aiding drug development & diagnostics

Category: Drug Delivery & Devices
Summary: Biomarkers research is gainning momentum as stakeholders work together to discover, develop and validate new markers of disease. This white paper discusses the recent advances in biomarker research and their application in drug discovery, development and diagnostics.

White paper: Antibody Drug Conjugates

Category: Therapies & Markets
Summary: Antibody Drug Conjugates or ADCs are a new class of therapeutic agents that combine the advantages of potent cytotoxic agents with selective targeting of a monoclonal antibody. Two ADCs have been approved Seattle Genomics/Takeda’s Adcetris (2011) and Roche’s Kadcyla (2013) - this has stimulated considerable investment in the field.

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