Our Writers

Dr Cheryl Lee Barton (Co Founder)

Dr Cheryl Lee Barton

Dr Cheryl L Barton is an independent consultant with over 18 years' research and business analysis experience. Following her senior research positions in academia and seven years with Merck, in which she was responsible for a variety of CNS research projects. Dr Barton joined Dutch investment bank ABN Amro NV as a senior equity analyst to provide coverage on pan-European companies, and assessed the potential impact of new drug development on European Stocks. In 2002, Dr Barton founded PharmaVision to provide independent, tailor-made, life science and consumer health research to pharmaceutical companies, competitive intelligence specialists, investment institutions, and healthcare communication agencies.

Justin Anwyl (Co Founder)

Justin Anwyl

Justin Anwyl Co Founded the PharmavVision consultancy in 2002 and joined full time in 2003 after a fifteen year career working within the Investment Banking community. He is the senior negotiator for all authors and publication houses and is the Marketing Director for all in house on-line sales.

Dr Sara Sleigh (Senior Associate)

Dr Sara Sleigh

Dr Sara Sleigh is a freelance writer and editor with more than 5 years of experience in researching and writing independent, tailor-made, thematic reports on topics of interest to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Her research has been presented at conferences, reported in journals and published by leading business intelligence agencies. Sara specializes in technologies for drug and biomarker discovery, drug delivery, stem cell-based medicines, vaccines and personalised medicine. She received her DPhil in protein structure and biochemistry from the University of York.